Moving forward to VR

Part of our clients brief, we had an option to experience our environment in VR. Before we Started to think about VR we Wanted to Make a level plan using the props we had already made at this point (14/1/2018), At that point, we only had modeled a table, candle, building Walls and the window shutters.After a showcase that was presented to our tutors, we were given some formal feedback on what could be improved to our workshop, The feedback was quite critical that we needed to add more narrative to our environment, instead of it looking like an empty warehouse we needed to add detail that someone still lives and works here,this was also a game industry standard if you wanted to be an environment artist,  achieving narrative is by doing research into various object that were based in 12th century. We needed some visual evidence so Concepts was a big part of the project we are doing, it allowed users to use our creativity to visualize a concept on what each floor would like in the workshop. The Attic located at the top of the building stored boxes and a private working table That Lorenzetti would use in his spare time.

The next stage was to create a list of animate objects that would be found in the workshop, once we had created numerous of props, I would tick them off the list so that I could keep track on what had been done.After creating the props I then could start to clutter the workshop areas with an object. some props like Boxes, planks, and nails were duplicated and resized this would help with clutter because these props had many uses, especially with the boxes as these can be placed anywhere throughout the level. It was coming up to the deadline to show what we had done so far to the clients as a team we decided to presented our work using a show reel using the matinee camera sequence in UE4 and taking various screenshots of each floor.

After we had received the feedback from the clients, they were pleased with the work we had done so far and was happy for us to proceed further. Because we had most of the environment finished, we started to implement it into VR. On how we thought we could implement the VR is to copy the file directory from the folder then create a VR Template that UE4 provided  and paste our file in that directory, it turns out to be more complected, this is because when we copied the files over it also copied the (FPS, First person shooter) Caucusing the VR template not to work. After looking on google on how to make VR work, you had to migrate your level (map) into a VR template. Yes, it worked but when in VR you were stuck in one place. fixing this issue was a long process because I had to learn to apply physics to the players body allowing me to fall, this allowed the player to move after fixing that problem another one occurred,the headset was too high on the map , so it looked like you was a massive giant standing 6 meters tall. After moving the camera down to the player head, I then needed to attach the camera to the height to where the head would have been, this fixed the problem so that you were the right height to look freely around our environment.


The Saboteur Product review

In the game you play a character called Sean Devlin, an Irish race car driver  turned mad bomber with the purpose, shortly after the game begins your indulge in a lengthy flash black that both introduces the main antagonist, a German  Ivan drogue named Kurt Dierker, The personality of this German  racer  was sadistic who had no qualms about torturing and /or killing people so long as it served his own  ends. He also hated losing as evidenced by his shooting out of Sean`s tries when it became apparent that he would lode the Grand Prix on fair terms. Ultimately, he felt no guilt for anything that he had done like he was already dead inside. Sean had seen this side of Dierker and wanted revenge by blowing up nazi Facilities for the French. Devlin best friend was tortured for days and was killed in front of Devlin himself for trespassing  Dierker facilities, causing Sean to seek ultimate revenge. The story hit all the expected notes, revenge, redemption and romance the game is based in Paris after all. the game is good because it puts you in that scenario that you can blow stuff up. The Saboteur is laid out like most open world games, you have a handful of story and side missions available to you at any time as well as a ton of stuff to do beyond the story such as exploration. The good side of exploring the city is that you can level up your stats when it comes to doing the story mission it will be a lot easier for you. All around Paris and its surrounding area is Nazi military  camps, sniper towers propaganda speakers and AA guns  located on top of  buildings, and when you take down one of them  AKA Sabotage meaning its gone forever, this means when your travel the city you are less more likely to be in the way of the resistance, its the most effective way to get rich too, if you blow up a Nazi structure you will gain money that can be used to buy unlocked items in the shop. The story mission them self-are generally substantive, the brief  of side quest, Assassinating an officer, the main mission will challenge you by giving you complex hazardous environments that will force you to take an alternative route. There is also a pronounced enfaces of progression both in terms of the Devlin character and the world itself, the games perk system will gain you abilities like running faster, better aim ect. With the world progression, a mechanic is used to change the tone of the environment from black and white to color once you have destroyed all the Nazi camps in that areahqdefault.jpgdownload.jpg



An Interior – A late medieval/early renaissance Artists studio/workshop.
More info to follow.
Regarding the interactivity of the environment itself, are there any doorways, stairs, mezzanines and other features giving access to “verticality” of player movement in the space? Try to think like a games designer. How would you use the space if you were able to play live RP or even paintball there? Can you get above the primary level, or below? And consider what you might see as a player from these vantage points. What can you bring to the elaboration of an environment or scene as a designer to make this space more exciting to play within or explore?

Regarding this brief, I am to Work alongside the Ferrens art gallery, to create an environment based on the Pietro Lorenzetti workshop.
My Goal is to create an environment, where Pietro will spend most of his time in the workshop.
The main focal point will be to 3D model most of the environment, as it will develop my skills in 3ds max. Having the Pietro Lorenzetti workshop as a Portfolio peace will boost my chances of becoming an environment artist in the Industry. Working in a Group Allowed me to communicate more and share an idea with one another,

Shader Library

A shader library is an information that is categorized to present different types of Sharers including a wide range of shaders such as skin, natural effects, metals and post prepossessing. I will be using the Nvidia library for an example, it has a wide range of visual shaders with prompt information. Shaders are a simple program that describes the traits of either a Vertex or a pixel. Vertex  Shaders describes the traits position location color and texture. A pixel shader is a GPU (Graphics processing unit ) that can be programmed to operate on per pixel-describes color Z-depth and alpha value. Nvidia  runs on direct X10



Geeks 3D has a lot of similarities as the Nvidia  Shader library, both parties contain the post process, Natural effects, and metals. Geeks 3D has multiple categories that will give you a different outcome of each image, by using these effects, Bumpy, Normal mapping, Chromatic, and bump mapping, will change the outcome of the image.



Product review:Zelda breath of the wilds.


Breath-of-the-Wild-Walkthrough-850x366.jpgZelda: Breath of the wild is a massive game that completely dwarfs anything the series has done before and its radical departure from previously established conventions. Gone is the more linear nature of progressing through a world in a specific order and completing elaborate dungeons to obtain a key item that is needed to progress further with the game. In its place is a vastly more open game that allows you to literally go off in any directions”you see that mounting you can go there you see that village in the distance? you can go there too, the game allows you to go anywhere without any major restrictions. Its the type of freedom that hasn’t been seen since the original NES classic, Now 30 years old, But the return of this unhindered exploration is the best thing that has happened to Zelda since Ocarina of time took the series into the third dimension. Breath of the Wilds provides ample pointer to put you on the right path. You can also use a new device called the Sheikah Slate to place waypoints and pins on the

legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-7-470x310@2x.jpg map as well as track your current quest. Many of these formal tasks, whether they are a story or just a side quests; dished out by NPCs, or random events triggered by reaching certain areas, are cryptic in their own right and require you to use the old noggin to get by, rather than relying on a trusty companion as was the norm in the past. Breath of the Wilds constantly encourages you to venture out in any direction more so than any previous Zelda and perhaps more than any similar open world games. The staggering amount of thing you can come across simply by peeking over hills, climbing up a mountain so that you can have a bird’s eye view of what you may want to adventurous, There are hidden mini-dungeons called shrines, rear gear and item can be rewarded when completing the puzzle what lurks inside, random NPCs with critical clues to side quests,New enemies that will test your combat powers,Towers that allow you to gather information on the region, numerous mini-games,and massive villages teeming with life. When playing Zelda you can easily lose your self for hours on end simply seeing all there is to see, and even then, your likely to have missed so much you don’t even realize. You can easily spend 50-60 hours playing the game and not even pass halfway through the story, some users bypass most of the sidequest to focus on the main story, making the game 20-35 hours long. On the switch version, when docked, there are serious framerate issues in certain parts of the game. these problems happen most often in dense forest environments or crowded villages. Zelda is a great game to be played for all type of ages and in future to come we hope to see more games like Zelda breath of the Wilds.

Helpful sources

Breath of the Wild Walkthrough Guide

Heritage Project: Final Presentation

The project was coming to a close, all that needed to do now is to finalize on what we had done so far. The interior of the project was completed by using different assets that our group created, we tried to clutter the environment with the group assets, most assets were copied,pasted and resized. When the object wherein place we then started to work on the lighting, For the basement the lighting would be dark resulting using the chromatic value gradient chart, the chart shows you the flow of white to black colors.The only light source in the basement was the furnace and candle lights so the only minimal light was needed, this would add realism to the environment. when creating the Lorenzetti workshop we wanted to visualize on what his working area looks like. The materials that Lorenzetti had mainly used where wood, paint and different natural minerals. lorenzetti`s workshop was based in Siena Italy. The location affected the style and theme of the environment so we had to look at backdated images from books and Google, this had given me an understanding what theme we were going to head towards.bl_valuechart.gif

The second floor of the workshop, occupied a wood working station that Lorenzetti would have used to create his frames and other objects that he may had used like chairs/tables.the lighting  in the room was different to the basement, meaning that the working station had a light source(the sun), since the Lorenzetti project was based during the day. Using the Kelvin color Temperature scale chart helped improve the lighting making it natural and more real.main-qimg-c3df39882e04b281657c13dca772e494-c.jpg

Withing the attic we wanted to display the main art piece “Christ between Saints Paul and Peter” as this was his main peace, the artifact was placed on his private working area. The painting was in early stages of been drawn, this allowed the clients/public to see how the painting may have been made.



For the small brief, I was set a task to look up 5 or more existing artists that I feel interested in. The artists I had chosen came from Art station, by using the website it allows me to easily search for an artist, You can also create your own portfolio up to a professional standard. The aim of this brief is to understand and learn how to make your own portfolio presentable, ready for when we finish our 3rd year at Hull University HSAD.

The artist I had chosen:

  • Jonas Ronnegard

after searching though Artstation I stumbled across Jonas Ronnegard work.I felt intrigued by how he had presented his materials work professionally. Jonas Ronnegard also inputs information in his presentation, information about the material and what programs he had to use to create this material. The Freelance artist worked on Halo 5 creating the Large Gate.




Art -Station web link here


  • Karol Miklas

Karol is a 3D vehicle artist, The artist has worked on multiple games such as Battlegrounds, dead island, Cyberpunk 2077 and dying light. The artist strong points are architecture from concepts and vehicle design.  He is also a Freelance so most of his work on his blog is personal or just other projects he has worked on for small companies. What I like about his work is that he presents and renders his models with a white clean background, making his work look better and easier to focus on. Looking at the way he presents his work will help me in the future on how I would want my own work to present as a portfolio piece.

Art Station link here

  • Fox3d

Fox3D even tho this isn’t an artist but a company, I have found their page very interesting to look at.I am very interested in the game subnautica. Subnautica is an open world survival game, that is based on a planet called 4546B this planet if immersed in water with alien life forms to keep you company. For my self-initiated My game is based on aliens and sci-fi, Presenting my models like Fox3d do, will give other people to have a better perspective on my work.  presenting my work could help me in the future when looking for game industry work.

Art station link here 

  • Shawn Witt

Shawn Witt is an illustration, concept artist for character design and has 11 years of experience in the gaming industry, Shawn has also worked on the game Rock Band, his role was to come up with different concepts for characters and clothing.  I like his work an how he presents it, I find his work colorful and bright. I also like the layout of his portfolio where he puts all his work in a category so it’s easy to access.

Art station link here

  • Cem Tezcan

Cem is a technical Designer, He works freelance after working in the construction industry for 10 years. His hobbies are polymer Clay Sculpting, Marco photography, and photogrammetry. His latest work really caught my attention as he remade the Daggerfall from the game Skyrim, he explains how difficult hi scene was in the way of texturing and modeling. he goes on about how he feels free when he creates his work. The environment is something I am interested in and Cems  Skyrim environment has really opened my eyes to how I could present my self-initiated project when it comes to the final hand in.

Art station here

Here I have made a photo-shopped portfolio of what I would like my blog post to look like. I would like to show a timeline and under that category to guide you on what you would like to look at first, would it be 3D work ? or level design. To create this portfolio image  I simply added some of my work and some of the artist’s work I have talked about above. Achieving this outcome will help me find a job in the game industry, most work will ask you if you have at least 3 years of experience in the gaming industry. having this portfolio with all my work init will allow me to present my work to the gaming industry depending what I am applying for.

Link to my Artstation here

Portfolio concept sheet.png


Self Initiated project: Sci-Fi wall Designs


Using the research of the genre “sci-fi”  I was able to come up with some basic designs, I started my research on Art station looking at various artist that I was interested in, artists like Benjamin Last, and his profession was concept Design. Searching for different concepts across Art station had boosted my ideas on what I wanted my hallway to look like, doing more research  I began to know that “sci-fi” had a recurring pattern in its design; white walls shiny surfaces and clean depending on the theme base. If you are working towards a theme with a retro semi-abandoned look, then you would expect something to be broken within the environment the glossiness will finally peel due to age-related and not been maintained this will result in seeing the bare metal of the structure. I have gone with a similar approach to my project But that will be explained further in the blog post. Doru Butz is another artist I had interested in, his work evolved Sci_Fi environments Themed that seemed to be “punk” I began to Invest my time  Looking at his work on how it was created, mostly focusing on the texturing. In his work, he mostly used the white, silver and copper theme for his materials. His work showed places that are semi abandon but are still in use by the public on rear occasions, his work reminds me of the altered carbon series on Netflix. Altered carbon has a lot of similarities to this artist assets.


I began to sketch out different variations of walls that had a very basic design, at the time  I didn’t really understand the meaning “sci-fi”, I started to look at multiple games that would fit the category of my game proposal. Games like bio shock and Alien Isolation that were a big influence, they were unique and made you feel that the atmosphere when playing,, I like the water in bio shock but I like the look of Alien Isolation interior. I started to base my sketches off the alien isolation walls that were located in the main hallway(picture ) I liked the basic and summitry look that the walls had to offer, the way the white walls stands out against the other gradient of colors. I began to draw my wall with multiple angles: side view, front view, and back view. The method had helped me whilst  I was at the modeling stage this allowed me to have a great view on what detail goes were, It wasn’t just my walls that I focused on it was various of props that I had sketched.I knew after I had modeled my walls and imported it into the Unreal engine the level, it would look bare and empty, Something I am NOT looking for in my presentation.  I started to design power generator that would power a certain light or multiple walls that had electric components inside, I then sketched the box that the generator arrived in or was stored in, a manual book and signposts to direct you thought out the station. I intend to do over 60 different props that would just fit into my hallway alone, achieving this I would have to come up with pages of drawing and looking into a different artist that are experienced with sci-fi, If not artist then I would get my motivation playing a sci-fi game like SOMA. I want to spend as much time sketching as possible as it will help me with the basic knowledge of sci-fi this will resort me to come up with multiple new ideas for Project Aqua throughout the 2nd year and 3rd year.

Final renders of the sketches will be presented with a presentation sheet with rotations and annotations to deliver a more professional look for a portfolio piece. I have a good idea of what Layout I can use for presenting my work as I have seen it countless of times on Art Station. I want to take some of the designs out of the Fox 3D Entertainment blog and implement it into my own work because I feel like they have presented the work well.

Idea 01#

Experimenting was something I started with, basing my project on the sci-fi genre, As this was my first project I started to like the theme that I had to choose, which is a white, gray and black theme. I was new to the sci-fi community I had little knowledge of how it was structured, created or even what the meaning of Sci-fi meant, sci-fi stands for “science fiction” something that doesn’t exist yet. The pictures you see below are what I thought a sci-fi hallway would look like “In my head” after looking at multiple images on google and games like Dead space, I started to draw out some design that resembled what I had seen. I had noticed that in most sci-fi environments light placements are located on the floors, ceilings, and walls.  I was proud of what I had achieved at I only had limited time to work on this project, The more I had researched the more I began to understand. I was happy With my basic walls and floors but I began to feel less motivated so I had a break for a few days from this project, by doing this, it will help me to understand what an environment should look like.

first stages.jpg


With the final sketches, I then began to move forward into 3D,  It was important that my meshes are the right scale, simply double checking the model’s height will avoid the mesh been too small or too big. the first step was drawing then it went to gray blocking then it when to the main stage making a high poly version of my meshes in 3DS Max. Using Sketch-up was appropriate for what I needed to do, Fast free and easy to use. This carried my 2D images into a basic 3D form. At this stage, there was no detail need because I could do that later in Photoshop. After modeling my walls in sketch up I started to arrange my meshes in an order that would look like a hallway, I repeated this pattern until I was happy with the outcome I wanted.

3DS Max was the next big thing because it involved me adding every detail I imagined, I was inspired by different artists, in my modeling process I have added some inspired detail that I had seen other people do but in my own work. As I am modeling using my own designs that I had created in my drawing and sketch up. Whitest I was in 3ds max creating the walls I started to imagining My self-walking down this sci-fi hallway that it is semi-abandoned, thinking what would I see plugged into this wall? what kind of wire is it? “if there were wires on the ground or even hanging off the ceiling?”  if its abandoned nothing is getting maintained so deterioration will be shown on certain materials.

I have so many ideas on what I want to design, my main focus is including narrative so modeling small props like cups, picture frames, and belongings that were owned by other people who worked in the station.

Idea 02#

For this idea I had decided to change the layout of the hallway, One of my goals was to create 2 hallways environments. Whilst experimenting I came up with a basic hallway shape (straight corridor). At the time I wasn’t thinking about how the player would interact with the environment let alone if he could even fit, but this was after creating all the assets I needed.


Idea 3#

Here are my 3rd and final layout that I had chosen for my 1st hallway. Creating the hallway layout, I had taken width, length, and height into perspective. I have made the hallway bigger to benefit the player, allowing the player to feel less claustrophobic, and move more freely.


Here is a youtube clip I had made to show the progression of my environment (hallway-a)


The model now completed, The next stage will be to unwrapping the model. Unwrapping is best understood when you think of a 3-dimensional cereal box, you want to throw this box away but you rip it from each of the seams to flatten it, unwrapping is basically the same thing, this allows the texture to seamlessly pass through each polygon to make a seamless texture. After weeks of frustration and determination, I had managed to correctly unwrap my wall with 5 different UV maps, With my first wall I  made everything modeler making the fps in the engine drop 10 fps. At that time I didn’t have the knowledge that you could attach the meshes after you have unwrapped the meshes, Making the fps be slightly better. A fellow student showed me that you can detach an area you want to unwrap, then collapse the modifications that are located in 3ds max, once each uv is unwrapped reattach the UVs into one. after knowing the method of UV, I went spending days unwrapping into only a few hours.


After Experimenting further on what I would like to see in my environment, it was essential to take high-resolution render shots on what I had modeled, This would benefit me as I will be learning new techniques on how to improve my render quality. I want to present my work as best I can; keep pushing myself to the limit. the screenshots below are some of the first stages of presenting my work.As time went on I began to learn more about how I wanted to present my work. Art station was my main page to visit the number of creative people that are on there influenced me. How do they show there work? how can I improve my own? I began to look at various of blog posts so that I could find a motivation… “that’s it” I began coming up with some crazy ideas that would fit the style of my environment. I started to experiment with different colors, by using the gradient tool in photoshop, I knew I wanted a bit of purple and blue in my background because it is my favorite colors… I had also wanted small bubbles for the background, but that didn’t work, so I replaced it with small dots instead. I set the opacity down to around 46 percent before you knew it my presentation sheets started to look more appealing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Presentation sheets

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I still haven’t fully understood the narrative that I want yet, but with more determination and research I will get the right narrative for my scene.I could do more better now I look back at my work and not think too big, what I mean by that is I made my project too big which will make it harder for me to model everything. I have learned to NOT thing big in the future.


Self-Initiated Project: Hallway C

Hallway_C`s purpose is that you can travel from A to B within the station. How evac room will connect is by adding a multi-purpose room. The multi-purpose room will divide each hallway in different directions. Some directions you will NOT be able to enter due to it being blocked by non-functioning doors or rubble.  The other doors may lead you to hallway _A.

Hallway _C is currently in critical condition due to the lack of maintenance. Twisted pillars have fallen down due to it being weakened by the rust that was caused by a leak in the ceiling. This would have caused the structure to have slowly corroded over time.The hallway has weak infrastructure making it more dangerous to enter meaning that the player has to be more cautious nagavateing through. The floor panels have been ripped up, exposing the pipes below leaving it to be dangerous to walk on. This could also be dangerous when playing project aqua, as walking in this environment can cause a lot of noise which will attract the monster.

The wires you see below were pulled down from the force of the ceiling structure. The alarm in the background will spin red indicating that the station is in critical condition. There is also Oxygen tanks that were going to be used in the evacuation, But things didn’t go to plan. To give the hallway more character I added a T-junction allowing the player to explore different parts of the station, but not all hallways end up open, you may run into a dead end leading you into more danger.

In the hallway, you may come across shortcuts or a pathway that will progress you through the level. The hole in the floor is an alternative route that you may want to take if there is a monster nearby; or if you want to keep safe.

My first step to creating my hallway is by doing some light sketches, this will show the progression of my design and will help me to look back on my work. As you can see in the sketches, the hallway is a lot wider and higher, this will make the player feel more in control of the environment as it allows him to hide behind an object.This situation can happen if the player is getting followed.


The pictures below show an unfinished project, yet to be textured.


I am proud of the stage I am at with the hallway. The environment can be more improved by adding more props and other broken meshes, I want the player to the feel  “I shouldn’t be in here ” feeling, but that can be improved as I add more meshes to the environment. This could also improve my future project when it comes to environment design because with more clutter adds more narrative. I am looking forward to doing more environments in the future But not in the same theme or style. The Style I had chosen for Project Aqua was realistic, at the designing stage I felt motivated by looking at other artists work on Art station, I was thinking “that’s what I want to do”. As I  progressed through my project I started to feel less motivated and loss of interest. To me it felt boring, everything had to be realistic and perfect, I wasn’t enjoying it, I was modeling a lot less thinking I wish I had done something else that was in a different style, Maybe Stylazised/cell shading. The mistake I had done was that I planned too big and hoped everything will be okay.





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