Heritage: Presentation Format.

The Heritage project will be showcased  to the public located in The ferrens Art gallery. Presenting our work that we had created we come up with multiple formats on how we can present our work. I choose to create the interactive Walkthough that would allow the player to feel fully emersed  with the environment, This Allows the player to pick up and examine different artifact that we had created in the workshop.

The bad side of having an interactive walk-though is the processing power, this limits every individual from interacting with the environment depending on  that person PC spec, a medium spec PC may be needed  for this to be achieved.

miniumum Computer spec

Here’s what we recommend on the FAQ:

  • Desktop PC or Mac
  • Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later
  • Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
  • NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher
  • 8 GB RAM

An Interactive level also limits you to space due to the object collisions blocking your path, Giving you the chance of getting stuck.

Below is a video showreel showing off our level  that we had recently made. The showreel surves a purpose allowing our clients to be kept updated on the project. The Video shows a basic fly though of the level having its focal point on larger objects such as the furnace.


  • Allowing you to be interactive
  • Fun
  • Focus on any given point
  • Not limited to time


  • limited to space
  • power performance of the pc
  • Expensive.
  • Possibly FPS drop

Product Review:Spyro

Spyro the dragon was first realized September 9.1998, Spyro the dragon put players under the control of a small purple dragon, your role is to collect all the stolen treasure and defeat the evil Gnasty Gnorc. The game consists of several different worlds, which are divided into various realms that can be accessed through their gates.I will be talking about all of the Spyro franchise because the games act and play no different to the first one.

When you first begin the story of Spyro you are greeted with a cutscene that involves multiple dragons making a TV show, The Tv show consisted of bad mouthing the evil character Gnast Gnorc, Gnast Gnorc retaliated turning all the dragons in every realm into stone.Its the player’s duty to achieve freeing every dragon from each Realm, this can be accomplished by collecting all the treasure, to unlock hidden passages. Exploring hidden passages, achieving goals like freeing the dragon or accomplishing tasks throughout the level fits into the Richard Allan Bartle theory. players can also exploit the game by entering cheat codes that cheat the game. (source)

spyro also forces you to travel to different realms, to progress to the next chapter of the story. The game can be played by Kids and adults alike, The game is likable, playable and challenging but not so challenging  that becomes frustrating, the game was an early template for modern kids games there’s a lot of exploring ( I have explained at the start of this brief) with enemy encounters and collecting treasure. spyro the dragon is a tricky game you’ve got to defeat these enemies so that you can proceed further to the level. spyro can be enjoyed by anyone who likes tasks and small quests. The small quest includes flying through small rings and destroying enemies boats that float in the water, the game gives you that feeling that you have accomplished something and you want to play more,MORE and MORE. The controls are tricky which makes the gameplay that much more of a challenge and, it’s a lot of fun to free the dragon worlds and to feel like you have been rewarded.spyro will eventually learn new abilities and powers, making him more powerful and capable of taking on Ripto.


spyro 2

The Non Linearity part of the game allows the player to walk around freely without any obstructions. Spyro is free to explore the levels on his own term, he can run, breath fire, and fly all around the maps/worlds. but the main point of the game is helping out the citizen that you can visit in your own time allowing you to be relaxed and not overloaded with stress or anxiety. the game isn’t no easy task but you get a nice map and guidebook to help;p you stay organized. each level has its own personality such as Ice worlds and fireworks, but much more is far more interesting than just any run of the mill level. the characters are funny and enemies challenging, all making each place feel distinctly itself.

Spyro offers a challenge modes, within this challenge mode you were a present a timer to complete a task, the task was to destroy 10 boats with your fire breath fly through the floating rings.light the candles with your fire breath and kill all 10 enemies, when I was younger sat near my big box TV, I was  playing Spyro (challenge mode) on my PlayStation 1, as a family we were all fighting for a turn because we all wanted to know” who was the best”at this challenge mode and by doing this we were to keep track who was the fastest. Modern games today we have internet and leaderboards, when I was a kid there was no internet or leaderboards just you and the AI.

challange mode.jpg

Skinner’s Operant Conditioning

Skinner’s Operant Conditioning

To explain this theory short, this theory is by adding reinforcements to a scenario or changing the level design, this could affect the player in many ways positive or negative. Most MMORPGs use variable/intermittent schedules of reward/reinforcement meaning more work for the player and a less payout. The more addictive games(WOW, command and conquer) use a random Reinforcement schedule, this means that the player will be drawn into the game because he wants to unlock the next level archive his highest score.

This theory is split into three outcomes.

  • Neutral operants: responses from the environment that neither increase nor decrease the probability of a behavior being repeated.
  • Reinforcers: Responses from the environment that increase the probability of a behavior being repeated. Reinforcers can be either positive or negative.
  • Punishers: Responses from the environment that decrease the likelihood of a behavior being repeated. Punishment weakens behavior.

Positive Reinforcement

This is where a reward is given when a player completes a mission or a given task. Because they have received this reward it will drive the player to do more. In a video game sense, if the player was playing a mission on his or her favorite game after they have completed this mission they are rewarded with in-game currency or a loot create. This drives the player to repeat this mission over and over again because they feel hunger to be first place.

skinner box.jpg

Negative Reinforcement

This is where a negative reinforcement is removed from the Environment/ game to strengthen the behavior of the player. This is so that the player can feel more relaxed and not think anything that is negative now the reinforce has gone. In a video game, you can come across griefers, trolls or hackers that try and prevent you from playing the game on how you want to play it. By removing these negative reinforce from the game and moving them to a bad group willed with other bad players (GTA5 is a great example for this), The player now can play relaxed and stress-free away from any negative players. now the player is alone and relaxed he can now concentrate on completing is a task to maintain his highest score or his rank.


Punishment is defined the opposite of reinforcement since it is to weaken and slow down of the negative player to prevent him from repeating the same pattern over and over again. Punishment can work either way by applying an unpleasant stimulus like a ban or de-ranking the player from its current status. For myself initiated project within my game environment, if you decide to glitch or cheat you will be banned for a certain amount of time leaving the player to wait and precious gaming time.concepts-of-operant-conditioning.png

Level Design-Researching Level Design

How to plan Levels Designs and Games environments in 11 steps.
The website shows the key processes used within a level and environment design.
Step-1.  Idea.
There are two ways to come up with ideas  “Spontaneous” and “Deliberate”, the difference between the two is that Spontaneous is coming up with level design suddenly, whereas Deliberate is to research multiple ideas before choosing a game environment on what you may be interested in.

Ideas are constant and can usually fit in the category of “Spontaneous” and “Deliberate”, having a sketchbook or a notepad is handy when you randomly think of ideas whilst you are away from your workstation.To generate different ideas you can look at real-world environments.008-planningworkflow-22.jpg

Step-2. Setting

Where is the game location going to be set? industrial or an abandoned town?Research on the location of your game to gain a better understanding and knowledge of your chosen surrounding. The picture you are shown is set in an industrial estate based within the city, when it comes to reflecting on this image I can see abandoned cars, stained walls and rusty metal support beams were the rain is beginning to corrode the metal over a period of time. There is a total of 3 sets that I have listed below.

  • Environment setting

The environment is a physical location that your game is based upon, To determine or break down an environment, you can use the Deliberate method to gain more knowledge of different environments, if you use the photo-bash method you can bring two physical environments to make one unique environment.

  • Location

Location, where is your games/ Environment based?Depending on your research, you will have a rough idea of what type of environment you want to make. for example, If you were to make an Industrial environment you Location will be set in a factory or an industrialist estate.

  • Theme

The theme is what brings your environment together.When you are talking about the theme  you are asking yourself  “what time period set is my environment?” Or what style would I choose?

Step 3 -Project purpose 

When creating an environment there is a variety of things you may want to take into consideration. What is your main motivation to help you pursue completing this project?

  • Aim to get a job at a Pacific studio
  • To create an online portfolio  for freelance work or self-pleasure
  • Educational

Set 4- Features

Having a focal point within your environment will give you something to work on, it will also add a unique look to your environment making it different. Every game released has a set of features to help it sell that game to you, in your project you will want to do the same thing.

Step 5 -Referencing

You cannot create a realistic environment without using reference images. To be accurate with your environment, a study by using images or blog post or even visit your local museum depending on your setting. When you have your research, you can start to sketches multiple environment/ props by using the Pareidolia method.

Step 6-Environment 

Having Narrative in an environment is a key element that will bring your project together. without narrative, your environment would have no place of being realistic. What is the player doing in this environment? there are multiple ways you can interpret  Narrative in your environment.

Step 7- objective

What is the objective of your environment? what goal would you like to achieve?

Implementing an Easter egg can be a vital role in your environment, The element gives the player a sense of adventure and the ability to take part in a fully immersive world. the best way to come up with different roles and ideas is to come up with a mind-map, coming up with a mind map will open new doors to different ideas.

Step 8- focal points

Focal point serves a visual purpose of helping your environment stand out, this gives the player a better chance remembering your environment.Your main focal point doesn’t need to be large, it can be very small, a small object in your environment that is your main focal point add sound or change the lighting around that specific area to draw the players attention.

Step 9-Top-down layout

Top down layout is a schematic drawing or design that gives a first insight on what your environment will look like. Top down layout starts with a few drafts drawn with pen or pencil that are roughly sketched to visualize routes and different locations on your map.

Layouts can show detail or early planning of flow, pacing, cover, a player starts, AI position, important locations, and focal points.

Step 10- Visual Development

when it comes to games design you have to define visual art style that you want your game to be themed upon. if you are working on a game that has just entered the development stage you will be guided by the concepts your team has created, But if you’re adding an extra level to your project, you will already have a style as a reference.  The development stage does include concept art, if your art skills are a bit rusty, you can research already created concept art to help you define a visual style.

Step 11-Making Lists

The final step is creating a working list.

the list will help you as a guide to help you organize a series of task throughout your project. when coming up with a new idea it is recommended your wright it down and not keep it in your head. The list will commonly be broken down in categories, Assets list, production list, project management and concept art.The list can also include a set timetable on what projects you will be working on each day.






Non- Linearity

None Linearity is to grant the player a sense of freedom in the game world, This is to gives a unique experience to each individual who plays the game.Having Non- Linearity, players would have a much less chance of quitting early due to the increased chances the game will offer to the player.

[Noah Falstein suggested that when non-linearity allows the players to tackle a series of required challenges in whatever order they desire, completing one challenge should make the others easier for the player to accomplish. In the case of a collection of puzzles, this can be done by providing the player with a hint about the other puzzles once he completes one of them]

Like Tomb Raider, Uncharted and Zelda breath of the wilds, they all have a similar Non-Linearity Theory. They both share a tutorial based function mechanic, providing the player with multiple hints to progress further within the game.For an example, tomb raider provides the player with additional weaponry such as a pistol which allows the player to have a chance to survive battles within the game.Hens making the game a lot easier for the player to complete.cliffside-village-51.jpg



Visit Cottingham HULL

one of my first objects to create was a workstation table, I got the inspiration from the workstation we visited in Cottingham located in Hull. during the visit, we were accompanied by an artist that used a similar technique to Lorenzetti. when we entered her personal art room, we where visualizing taking in what our surrounding where, books on the shelf, the shelf made out of planks of wood, different textured walls, and the floor, unfinished art projects lent against the walls, experimentation of different metalwork such as welding, different paint materials stacked up against one another in small or big jars, more of the artists work outside of the room.

I also learned a few things that were very beneficial to our project, I learned that the artist used a mixture of fruit to paint their paintings. I also learned the preparation took days to prep the canvas with multiple layers of acrylic primer., now i know that the Lorenzetti workshop they will be preparations of canvases laying around getting ready to be used. I really enjoyed this visit as it benefited me to be more accurate with this project.

Self initiated: Project Aqua

  • Primary-1– Creating 2 environments, Accessible Hallways
    The pod Station
  • Secondary-2 -OutBound Environments such as underwater, rooms
  • Tertiary-3 -Interactive level

For the self-initiated project, I want to create an underwater station that has been recently abandoned leaving all personal items behind. The time setting of this project is set in 2030 with a vintage look. You as a player have the chance to Free roam the station halls to discover the reason for the station’s current state. The aim of the game is to access 3 terminals by hacking or finding ways to gain full control of the station. To gain access to the next part of the environment you will have to find the right terminal and complete the puzzle which will unlock the new area. If you fail to reach these 3 terminals within the time limit, the station will initiate a self-destruction sequence.Whilst in the Self-destruction phase you are given another challenge to escape the station by using the escape pod, This outcome is highly unlikely depending what path you choose within the game.

The reason why I want to do this project is that I want to challenge myself with creating an environment larger than anything I have done before and step away from the Horror genre as this is usually my preference.

How big with the station be?

for this project, I am looking to achieve the size of a Large Classroom.

Games Design- Theory & practice research

Having a choice to save the base or destroy it is a very important element to my game,  The Autonomy theory fits into this category because the game allows you to have a certain amount of control, the game gives you the desires to choose what path you may want to take.

Unique  Solutions( is a form of completing a challenge in a different way than the game intends you to do). There are three Terminals in my game, each of these terminals challenges your memory and coordination on completing these 3 tasks.


(is the development of numerous logical systems that lead the player to figure out a unique solution in the game). If you fail the objective of hacking the terminals, your map or level will be updated to a brand new location, leading you to the Pod Room. Progression in my game  instead of strategy


Gamification is used by many businesses that are intended to leverage peoples natural desires by using a Games-design element, the elements can include achievements, status, self-expression, learning and socializing.This element is commonly used by using a point system or a progress bar to engage players to accomplish a task, in the result of rewarding the player with real-life currency. Gamification is used to make the existing task feel more like a game. Macdonalds is a great example of using Gamification, due to the monopoly stickers you got with every other meal you had purchased.The way the scheme worked, after you had purchased your meal you would be presented with a sticker labeled (monopoly), you would peel off the sticker greeted with a prize or a colored card, if you get four matching colors you would win a BIGGER prize, This made people have the desire to socialize and have a status by competing with there friend.

The Benefits

Gamification recent statics show a large number of people play video games, while the world of gaming  used to be skewed heavily towards male players, the gaming world today shows there are only slightly more males that do play games compared to female:in the United States, 59% male, 41% female, and 52% male, 48% female in Canada (quote link)

The most beneficial to gamification is having the freedom to fail and try again without negative repercussions, giving ownership of their learning and to be rewarded for completing a task. Gamification also lets you manage to set subtasks and tasks so that you have a basic understanding of management.gamification allows people with dyslexia with low levels of motivation to give them benefit to learn, this fits in the category of freedom.

Gamification: Driving Assistant idea


Driving assistant: is a simple way to track you while you are driving, The better your diving the more points you are gained, for example, Task of the day Drive efficiently by driving slowly to achieve 50 mpg(miles per gallon), completing this task you have been rewarded  100 points to your chosen reward card.

What if you fail your task:

If you fail your task you are received a penalty, been abducted reward points

The better your driving, the more points you are gained, The app will allow you to be more confident and to be safer on the road, this will benefit the newest drivers.

Gamification: Tidy Tidy Idea

Tidy-Tidy is a way to help you improve your cleaning skills at home or at work, the main focus of this game is to gain points and to get yourself into a routine of being tidy.

How does Tidy Tidy work?

Take a picture of the room you want to clean, after you have finish tidying the room, take another picture in the same location as your previously, The app will then calculate on what has changed within your room, if it looks tidy you are rewarded real-life discount towards your next purchase on cleaning equipment only. If you have failed to clean your room, you have not been rewarded any points. If you are new to cleaning there is mini tutorials within the app on how to be tidy, this can include videos of folding shirts properly.

London trip

Visiting The National Art gallery museum located in London was very beneficial to our heritage project. We as a team were given information about the Italian artist (Lorenzetti). we learned that Pietro Lorenzetti made multiple frescos fragments; A crowned female figure, the artist was active possibly 1306 and died probably 1348

The museum was very picky how they would want to present these fragments to the public, the museum see’s the fragments as independent objects, they can get the sense of relationships and the thought that went into creating these paintings, some of the painting was damaged due to age and restored in a special place inside of the Nation Art Gallary. The Lorenzetti peace we are working is known to be a bottom piece of an altarpiece.this is known as a padella with the padella paintings  shows a narrative story  like the paintings that show the life or Christ, you can also tell where the painting is based(what country ), they could also tell how old the painting was just by looking at the wood grain .If the museum had to do repairs on the painting frame they would have to use the same type of wood.knowing this new knowledge it will help us to be more accurate when it comes to designing props for our Heritage project environment.

In London, we were presented with beautiful well-structured architectural buildings that could give us an insight into how the building was in historical days. The building was mostly made out of white stone with arched pillars supporting the buildings. I had taken pictures of stone walls to help us in future texturing within this project.

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