For the small brief, I was set a task to look up 5 or more existing artists that I feel interested in. The artists I had chosen came from Art station, by using the website it allows me to easily search for an artist, You can also create your own portfolio up to a professional standard. The aim of this brief is to understand and learn how to make your own portfolio presentable, ready for when we finish our 3rd year at Hull University HSAD.

The artist I had chosen:

  • Jonas Ronnegard

after searching though Artstation I stumbled across Jonas Ronnegard work.I felt intrigued by how he had presented his materials work professionally. Jonas Ronnegard also inputs information in his presentation, information about the material and what programs he had to use to create this material. The Freelance artist worked on Halo 5 creating the Large Gate.




Art -Station web link here


  • Karol Miklas

Karol is a 3D vehicle artist, The artist has worked on multiple games such as Battlegrounds, dead island, Cyberpunk 2077 and dying light. The artist strong points are architecture from concepts and vehicle design.  He is also a Freelance so most of his work on his blog is personal or just other projects he has worked on for small companies. What I like about his work is that he presents and renders his models with a white clean background, making his work look better and easier to focus on. Looking at the way he presents his work will help me in the future on how I would want my own work to present as a portfolio piece.

Art Station link here

  • Fox3d

Fox3D even tho this isn’t an artist but a company, I have found their page very interesting to look at.I am very interested in the game subnautica. Subnautica is an open world survival game, that is based on a planet called 4546B this planet if immersed in water with alien life forms to keep you company. For my self-initiated My game is based on aliens and sci-fi, Presenting my models like Fox3d do, will give other people to have a better perspective on my work.  presenting my work could help me in the future when looking for game industry work.

Art station link here 

  • Shawn Witt

Shawn Witt is an illustration, concept artist for character design and has 11 years of experience in the gaming industry, Shawn has also worked on the game Rock Band, his role was to come up with different concepts for characters and clothing.  I like his work an how he presents it, I find his work colorful and bright. I also like the layout of his portfolio where he puts all his work in a category so it’s easy to access.

Art station link here

  • Cem Tezcan

Cem is a technical Designer, He works freelance after working in the construction industry for 10 years. His hobbies are polymer Clay Sculpting, Marco photography, and photogrammetry. His latest work really caught my attention as he remade the Daggerfall from the game Skyrim, he explains how difficult hi scene was in the way of texturing and modeling. he goes on about how he feels free when he creates his work. The environment is something I am interested in and Cems  Skyrim environment has really opened my eyes to how I could present my self-initiated project when it comes to the final hand in.

Art station here

Here I have made a photo-shopped portfolio of what I would like my blog post to look like. I would like to show a timeline and under that category to guide you on what you would like to look at first, would it be 3D work ? or level design. To create this portfolio image  I simply added some of my work and some of the artist’s work I have talked about above. Achieving this outcome will help me find a job in the game industry, most work will ask you if you have at least 3 years of experience in the gaming industry. having this portfolio with all my work init will allow me to present my work to the gaming industry depending what I am applying for.

Link to my Artstation here

Portfolio concept sheet.png



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