Heritage Project: Final Presentation

The project was coming to a close, all that needed to do now is to finalize on what we had done so far. The interior of the project was completed by using different assets that our group created, we tried to clutter the environment with the group assets, most assets were copied,pasted and resized. When the object wherein place we then started to work on the lighting, For the basement the lighting would be dark resulting using the chromatic value gradient chart, the chart shows you the flow of white to black colors.The only light source in the basement was the furnace and candle lights so the only minimal light was needed, this would add realism to the environment. when creating the Lorenzetti workshop we wanted to visualize on what his working area looks like. The materials that Lorenzetti had mainly used where wood, paint and different natural minerals. lorenzetti`s workshop was based in Siena Italy. The location affected the style and theme of the environment so we had to look at backdated images from books and Google, this had given me an understanding what theme we were going to head towards.bl_valuechart.gif

The second floor of the workshop, occupied a wood working station that Lorenzetti would have used to create his frames and other objects that he may had used like chairs/tables.the lighting  in the room was different to the basement, meaning that the working station had a light source(the sun), since the Lorenzetti project was based during the day. Using the Kelvin color Temperature scale chart helped improve the lighting making it natural and more real.main-qimg-c3df39882e04b281657c13dca772e494-c.jpg

Withing the attic we wanted to display the main art piece “Christ between Saints Paul and Peter” as this was his main peace, the artifact was placed on his private working area. The painting was in early stages of been drawn, this allowed the clients/public to see how the painting may have been made.



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