Shader Library

A shader library is an information that is categorized to present different types of Sharers including a wide range of shaders such as skin, natural effects, metals and post prepossessing. I will be using the Nvidia library for an example, it has a wide range of visual shaders with prompt information. Shaders are a simple program that describes the traits of either a Vertex or a pixel. Vertex  Shaders describes the traits position location color and texture. A pixel shader is a GPU (Graphics processing unit ) that can be programmed to operate on per pixel-describes color Z-depth and alpha value. Nvidia  runs on direct X10



Geeks 3D has a lot of similarities as the Nvidia  Shader library, both parties contain the post process, Natural effects, and metals. Geeks 3D has multiple categories that will give you a different outcome of each image, by using these effects, Bumpy, Normal mapping, Chromatic, and bump mapping, will change the outcome of the image.




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